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Our Process

Analyze client-recruiting needs
ZAGA assesses the needs of our clients before moving on to the search in order to address any immediate concerns or issues which may be the cause of unnecessary stress down the road. The way we protect ourselves from this potential damage control is by taking precautions beforehand by conducting interviews with our client by making sure we understand company culture, values, and overall goals. We learn the details concerning the positions they are looking to fill such as daily responsibilities, expectations, ideal background, team dynamic and growth potential. If anything sounds unrealistic, we are very up front with our clients and make any necessary changes before starting the search.

Define search requirements
Once we have all the information, we go back to our corner and prepare the search. We create a compelling job description that is written to attract the best available candidates. We consider all the possible objections/concerns that the candidate may have before proceeding with the search. We analyze all of our sources and prioritize them from highest to lowest likelihood of identifying good candidates from them. We have weekly meetings to ensure that each ZaGa search consultant is educated and up to speed on all searches that are in process. Then we go to work.

Identify candidates
We go to our sources and begin to identify all strong candidates that we think would be interested in, and qualified to work with our new client. Our number one source is our internal database - composed of professionals that we all know personally - we know their backgrounds, their ideal job opportunities and what stage they are at in their career. Once we utilize our immediate network, we target specified companies that are likely to employ our ideal candidate. We also have a team of sourcing professionals on staff that keep our candidate pipeline strong by staying current on job boards, internet, alumni databases, corporate directories, etc.

Pre-qualify candidates
Before a candidate can be submitted to any of our clients, we conduct an in-depth interview with our candidates that typically lasts anywhere from 30-90 minutes. We learn everything about our candidates such as their role with company, reasons for leaving all employers, salary background, and motivations for new opportunity, profile of ideal opportunity, travel parameters, technical/functional/management skills, and everything else that could be of interest to our client. We also spend about 50% of our initial conversation discussing our specific opportunity in great detail. We want our candidates to be securely knowledgeable about the company, market positioning, target growth, position description, team description, company culture, peer backgrounds, etc. We need to make sure that every candidate we present to our clients knows all about the company and opportunity and is extremely enthusiastic about the new role. We tend to work with those candidates who initially consider our opportunity to be number one on their list. Otherwise, we consider this to be a waste of time for ourselves, our clients and those candidates. We also make sure that a move to the new company is realistic one and that timing is right to begin the interview process and make the final move.

Present candidates
Once we identify a good candidate, we present them over to our client. With every candidate presentation, we include an updated resume, and a unique-to-ZaGa description of the candidate - this includes candidate expertise, reasons for leaving employers, motivations for new opportunity, availability, salary info/expectations and any additional information that we believe would be helpful in evaluating our candidate. We always present our candidates with an email and a phone call, because we know our candidates so well and are able to answer all additional questions that our clients may have about any given candidate.

Facilitate process
We set up interviews; debrief both client and candidate throughout entire process. We are continuously discussing possible concerns and working with both sides to get answers to their questions. At any point in the process, if it doesn't seem like the right fit, we either work to overcome any immediate concerns or we communicate the reasons why it is not the right fit, openly and honestly.

We assist in the negotiation of salary, bonuses, benefits, upcoming vacations, start dates, position titles, growth expectations and everything else that is involved in this process. We lay out all expectations at the beginning to ensure that nobody is ever surprised or made to feel uneasy at any point in the process.

Maintain contact through start date and beyond
We want you to be successful and we want to know how you are doing throughout your entire tenure with your new employer. We believe in developing long-term relationships so don't be surprised to hear from us 1 day, 1 month and even 1 year into your new employment.

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