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We find the best candidates
ZaGa search consultants have a large network of candidates and referrals and highly credible resources. We know who the best candidates are, where they are and how to get their attention! We're savvy, we're credible and-our candidates are our friends. We know that good candidates are busy and are bombarded by recruiters all the time. Our reputation within the community has ranked us at the top with highly desirable candidates, so when we approach them-they listen. Time, energy, money-we're here to save yours! Time is money and our clients choose to work with us because they know they will save both. We handle all the details for every search including researching, prescreening, analyzing, presenting, setting up interviews, debriefing and negotiating. We work fast and furious until the best candidate is delivered.

We Deliver
At the end of the journey, we will fill your position with the best possible candidate in the marketplace. We are good at what we do and we are serious about our business - when we commit to helping a company, you can count on us to deliver.

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